10 Most Heartbreaking Broadway Songs

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I’m baaaack!
Sorry about the long time away, but with wedding planning, trying to find full-time employment, and interviewing daycares(groan…), I have had zero time. However, I never forgot about you, my faithful compatriots! :-p When I left for the beach, I promised you that I would come home and bring you a nice long top ten list, and I am making good on that promise. But first, a little background on why I chose this:

I love Broadway. I’ve not seen/heard nearly as much as I would like, and I pretend to be way more of an expert than I really am. But it really isn’t meant for happy people. There is always something depressing underneath the surface, even in the most lighthearted of comedies. The good writers and screenplays have an undercurrent of sadness running through all the laughs. Because even in life, you’re never simply happy or…

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I am so grateful for the success of my blogging so far- it’s been a great year! I hope I can always improve my blogging skills and remain a part of the Broadway commjunity in some way! My dream, like many a theatre kid, is to be on Broadway myself one day but until that happens I can keep myself and everyone updated on everything theatre! Thankyou all for supporting my dreams <3

Lea Michele plans Broadway Return in ‘Funny Girl’

I’ve heard a lot about this an if it does happen NO DOUBT I would be psyched out of my mind! I love love LOVE Lea and Funny Girl. She’s just the greatest star…and well everyone knows it! Very intrested to see what might happen!



The Oscars have always had a soft spot for Broadway and their stars because of how Broadway has shaped the movie industry and acting as an art form. As many of you know, the legendary Babra Striesshand performed last year and I couldn’t be happier (simply couldn’t be happier…) that today it was announced that Idina Menzel will perform, representing the nominated animated film we all have probably seen atleast once in theatres, FROZEN! Which means an expected breath taking performance of “Let it Go”! I couldn’t be happier for Idina Menzel, who has worked all her life to recieve the success she has today! I cannot wait!

Mark your calenders for March 2nd!


Amy Adams as Elphaba!?



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Amy Adams, the American Hustle star who got a surprise Best Actress win at the Golden Globes, has our attention for another reason: Wicked. With the Emerald City hitting the big screens sometime soon, surely Directors are searching for their Elphaba and this may get the beloved actress into the iconic green makeup of the Wicked Witch of the West. Shown below singing Defying Gravity, she isn’t too bad. And she has some singing chops, appearing in the movie musical Enchanted (which coincidently starred original Elphaba, Indina Menzel) and the latest stage adaptation of Into The Woods as…the Witch! And next thing we know this video pops up on YouTube of her belting Defying Gravity. Coincidence…or fate? As much as we love the star, seeing her in green would be a little disappointing. Maybe a Hollywood celeb could tackle the role but we think a Broadway vet should play the…

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I miss Smash! By far the best performance! Never gets old!

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I know it has been a while since my last post, but December was far too busy for me to write: I had to combine two jobs during the day and correct exams at night. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t do anything ‘write’-worthy. A week after Passenger I saw Bastille perform for the second time and a couple of days after that I saw The Lumineers. I really wanted to write about The Lumineers’ performances, because they are awesome! It was one of the best shows I have ever seen, but unfortunately I did not have the time and writing about it 2 months later isn’t an option either. It would not do them justice any more. So, moving on…

For New Year I got the entire collection of the NBC-series Smash. It’s a show about how a musical comes to life on Broadway. It has been called the…

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Disney’s Frozen Going To Broadway!


couldn’t be more thrilled! i REALLY REALLY REALLY hope they keep the original movie cast!
No one else could compare!

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After winning a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature film, Disney’s hit movie Frozen is going to Broadway. The news comes straight from the mouth of Disney CEO and Chairman Bob Iger, who said in an interview with Fortune that he has plans to turn the franchise into a musical.

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Elsa and Elphaba – similaries and differences


Idina Menzel owned both of these roles!

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For the past four months I’ve been getting more and more into the joys of Broadway music. Well, reintroducing myself to the genre. And of course, this with my interest in the true stories of the antagonist of classic stories, I’d have to cross Elphaba’s path at least once. And I have.

It’s only been fed by the fact that I’ve gotten the third book in Maguire’s Wicked Years series, and getting a closer look into the “Witch”‘s true story.

And then there was Frozen.

By this time I’d fallen in love with Idina’s voice. I mean who hasn’t? For that matter, who can’t? She puts so much emotion and personality into her character that you can’t help but focus on her. Though which her – the character or the actress?

While I was watching Frozen there were so many references to Elphaba that I saw around Elsa…

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Kellie Pickler Floats the Idea of a Tammy Wynette Broadway Musical


Not sure how to feel about this…what are your thoughts?

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When Kellie Pickler won Dancing with the Stars last year, fans found out that the North Carolina singer was not only a top-notch vocalist but a skilled dancer as well. So to hear that she’s now interested in possibly taking her talent to Broadway actually makes sense.

Pickler told Country Weekly that ever since her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, she’s “been wanting to do Broadway so bad,” which would allow her to “throw together two of my passions — dance and music.” And not just any Broadway production, she has a clear idea in mind for what she thinks would make for an epic production: the life and music of the late Tammy Wynette.

“I want them to do like a Tammy Wynette Broadway musical! I know Dolly Parton has her Broadway shows and I think if anybody lived a country song, it’s Tammy.”

That’s actually…

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Look To the Rainbow-Finian’s Rainbow


an oldie but a goodie :)

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On the day I was born,
Said my father, said he.
I’ve an elegant legacy
Waitin’ for ye,
‘Tis a rhyme for your lips
And a song for your heart,
To sing it whenever
The world falls apart.

Look, look
Look to the rainbow.
Follow it over the hill
And the stream.
Look, look
Look to the rainbow.
Follow the fellow
Who follows a dream.

So I bundled my heart
And I roamed the world free;
To the East with the lark
To the West with the sea.
And I searched all the earth
And I scanned all the skies,
And I found it at last,
In my own true love�s eyes.

Look, look
Look to the rainbow.
Follow it over the hill
And the stream.
Look, look
Look to the rainbow.
Follow the fellow
Who follows a dream.

‘Twas a sumptuous gift
To bequeath to a child.
Oh the…

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hey everyone! I finally made a tumblr which in like this blog in the sense I post mostly Broadway current events and funny stuff and glee and I really hope you check it out! Again, I just made this account the other day and would really like some followers to start it up! I promise you won’t be disappointed! gobroadway.tumblr.com


Nicole Scherzinger for Broadway revival of Pippin?

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Former Pussycat Dolls star Nicole Scherzinger is in talks to make her Broadway debut in the revival of Pippin!

The X Factor judge would replace Tony award-winning actress Patina Miller as the Leading Player in the story of a young prince who embarks on a dangerous journey to find out the meaning of his life.

A source tells the New York Daily News, “It’s a 90% done deal. She is a good singer, a great dancer and an amazing looker. However, most important, she will sell tickets.”

Scherzinger previously starred in the Hollywood Bowl production of Rent and has also made an impact on Andrew Lloyd-Webber with her musical skills, as even he was keen to snap the star up at some point for one of his musicals.

Pippin first appeared on Broadway in 1972 and the revival launched in March and runs into next year, which could see Nicole…

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Merry Christmas- gobroadway!

to all my followers, I want to wish you a very happy holiday. I love and appreciate all of your support of my account! Here are some of my favorite Broadway/pop culture Christmas photos…






Details Of Skylar Astin’s Glee Character Revealed

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Photo Courtesy of Darren Criss/Instagram

Photo Courtesy of Darren Criss/Instagram

Zoë Ambrozewska
Content Editor

As we previously reported, Skylar Astin has joined the long line of guest stars on the current season of Glee, following in the footsteps of Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato. ETOnline originally confirmed the Pitch Perfect and 21 & Over star would have a “strictly Ohio-based” role, but further details have now been revealed by The Hollywood Reporter, confirming Astin is set to play Jean-Baptiste, the leader of New Directions’ rival show choir group Throat Explosion.

In a recent episode of Glee, Throat Explosion were shown to be a serious threat to the New Directions, with students not even attending classes in favour of rehearsals. The two show choirs will face-off at the National show choir championships in Los Angeles in an episode airing in March, which will be Astin’s debut on the Fox phenomenon. This will be the…

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West Side Story Selections by Leonard Bernstein, arr. Duthoit

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Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) was an erudite, passionate musician whose exceptional talents and expressive gifts earned him a special place in the hearts of New Yorkers.  His rose to instant national fame in 1943, at age 25, when he filled in for the suddenly ill Bruno Walter as conductor of a nationally televised New York Philharmonic performance.  He went on to become the Philharmonic’s music director until 1969, and remained a frequent guest conductor there until his death.  With the Philharmonic, he presented a series of 53 educational Young People’s Concerts which were broadcast on CBS, making him a familiar face around the nation.  He also composed music, crossing from academic classical music into Broadway musicals, including West Side StoryOn the Town, and Candide.

The Broadway musical West Side Story first came into being in 1957 as a collaboration between Bernstein (as composer), choreographer Jerome Robbins, writer…

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‘Rocky: The Musical’ Everything that’s right, or everything that’s wrong with Broadway?


Either way I’m very excited!

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We’re two months away from the eagerly anticipated previews, scheduled February 11, of ‘Rocky Broadway‘, music and lyrics by Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens, directed by Alex Timbers, with book co-written by Thomas Meehan and producer Sylvester Stallone. Excitement is building in New York for the production replacing Mamma Mia at The Winter Garden Theatre, which has recently moved venues to the Broadhurst Theatre, on West 44th Street, six blocks away.


Rocky Broadway‘ follows the story of the original Oscar-winning Best Picture, and boasts a five-time Tony Award winning creative team, promising an ‘adrenaline-infused spectacle and a surprising tale of blossoming romance between two lonely outsiders, ROCKY is a visceral and heart-stopping theatrical experience for everyone brave enough to follow their dream‘.

It all sounds very Broadway.

Virtually every professional that I’ve spoken to has immediately turned their noses up at…

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Top Tweets about the Sound Music Live

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Bless me, Audra McDonald, for I have cringed. It’s been four days since I watched NBC’s The Sound of Music Live, and I’m not exactly sure whether to repent or not. On the one hand, I wasted three hours of my life MESMERIZED by the EXTRAORDINARY AWFULNESS of this eye-roll-a-minute disaster master. We here at LMezz had high hopes for this show and were able to give Carrie Underwood the benefit of the doubt. Then these hopes were dashed upon the jagged rocks, located at the bottom of WTF Mountain and next to Bad Choices Valley.

On the other hand, if I hadn’t watched this hot mess, I wouldn’t have been able to understand these awesome tweets below!

Regarding Carrie Underwood:


Those sets though:




That ‘awful’ dress:


Praise be to Audra:


Capture27And to her awesome comeback at a racist tweeter:


And them kids:


And them Broadway stars who got…

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