Happy Talk (from South Pacific) (Richard Rodgers)

Watched this movie yesterday!

Sheet music in printable format

Happy Talk (Loretta Ables Sayre-Andrew Samonsky-Li Jun Li)

SOUTH PACIFIC Rodgers and Hammerstein Happy Talk Loretta Ables Sayre (Bloody Mary) Andrew Samonsky (Lt. Joseph Cable) Li Jun Li (Liat) Director musical: Ted Sperling Vivian Beaumont Theater, Lincoln Center Telecast live 19 d’agost de 2010

Download sheet music pdf: Happy Talk (from South Pacific) (Richard Rodgers)

Happy Talk from South Pacific-1949 Score on Columbia.

Originally on Columbia Masterworks Record# ML 4180 (green label) from 1949. This is from ahomemade CD-R. Composer’s: Richard Rodgers. Lyricist’s: Oscar Hammerstein II. Conductor’s: Salvatore Dell’Isola, & Lehman Engel. Orchestra’s: Al Goodman Orchestra, Lehman Engel Orchestra, Original Broadway Cast Orch., & Percy Faith Orchestra. Ensemble’s: Eadie and Rack Piano Duo. Choir’s: Guild Choristers, Original Broadway Cast Chorus. Artist’s: Sandra Deel, Dickinson Eastham, Juanita Hall, Barbara Luna, Mary Martin, Ezio Pinza, William Tabbert.

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