Rock of Ages The Musical : A Review

Loved this when I saw it!

Sweet Pea-a-Licious

It seems that this blog has had its share of reviews lately… Lol. Get set for another one!

Last night I saw my very first broadway show and I think I fell in love. No it wasn’t in NYC 😦 but it was still a broadway show to me. One day I want to see a broadway musical on Broadway in NYC! That’s on my bucket list.

Ok back to the musical.

My best bud, Tamara, and I had a girl’s night out and what a night it was! OMG! The evening started out with dinner at Les 3 Brasseurs… Delish! After a short walk down St-Denis in the Plateau, we got to our destination, the St-Denis theatre. Rock of Ages here we come!


I couldn’t believe the seats we had. 5th row!!!!


At first it took a little bit of time to warm up to the characters. Although…

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