Working in wigs – touring with HAIR

Meet me, Kelsey Husnick

Lights flicker and then fade to black at the E.J. Thomas Hall Theatre in Akron, Ohio.  There’s a pause and then an eruption of psychedelic red, blue and yellow engulfs the stage. Bell-bottomed cast members begin dancing, leaping and crawling onto and across the stage from all directions, opening the show with the musical number “Aquaris.”

About thirty seconds into the song, the over-sized Afro wig that adorns the head of Brittnie Price can be spotted on stage.  She is dancing on a latter in the right front corner.  Friends and family watch as huge-haired Brittnie sings with the Tribe, goes on marijuana and acid-induced trips, has casual sex with multiple partners and protests the 1960s Vietnam draft by getting naked on stage.

“That was a little funkier and racier than I thought it was going to be,” Brittnie’s mom laughs as she waits for her after the show.


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