The Empire State Building: An Icon in the City


How do you know that you’re in New York City? Yellow cabs, pushcarts, the electric pulse in the air might all tip you off – but catch sight of the Empire State building and you have, unmistakably, stepped into The Big Apple. The soaring skyscraper, which was dedicated 82 years ago Wednesday, is mythical and majestic, and seems to completely embody the city it has become synonymous with.

New Yorkers may soon be able to own part of the landmark building. A judge on Tuesday removed a major obstacle to real estate mogul Peter L. Malkin’s plan to let the public buy shares in 19 New York City properties, including the Empire State Building. The decision, which overruled objections by a group of current shareholders, moves the city’s architectural crown jewel one step closer to a historic IPO.

The construction of the Empire State building reads like a tall tale. Designed…

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