…I had a dream…a wonderful dream, Sondheim…

here we are going

Last night I had a dream about Stephen Sondheim, noted locutionist, lexicographer, and philologist, and so I thought it the perfect opportunity to meet the challenge a few friends (queerplungers all, who use me to acquire the coin of mockery for themselves) had presented to me (found here) about using 18 obsolete words (marked in bold) in a column. Here goes…

sondheim 4

Most of my dreams of late have been markedly unpleasant, which might be attributed to my excess of waking-stress or my reluctance to groak alongside my gourmand pal on our nightly I-Hop visits and thus over-indulging in rich sausages and ripe cheeses too close to bedtime – so perhaps I am, after all, a practitioner of tyromancy – but nevertheless, the waking from such irksome, unlovely scenarios results in a curglaff requiring much coffee; but often I am so shaken by the nightmarish adventures, my…

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