The West End Men – review of the concert show at the Vaudeville Theatre

My journey

(Review based on the performance from Wednesday 29/05/2013)

The West End Men is a mishmash of songs from a variety of musicals with a few pop songs thrown in. It stars Lee Mead, Glenn Carter, David Thaxton and Matt Willis with a guest appearance from Kerry Ellis. The show runs until 22nd June 2013.

In one of the interviews I read that the show was initially written for three men only. I must admit that after seeing it I cannot imagine it without David Thaxton, who was a later addition to it. Overhearing the conversations on the way out I can confirm he was very well liked and definitely noticed by the audience. And I couldn’t agree more. He brings the show to another level. It’s a bit of a shame his role isn’t any more prominent within the group.

Both Lee Mead and Matt Willis put…

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