The 2013 Tony Awards: Spectacle with Heart

The Theatre Eater

Neil Patrick Harris never fails to wow me when he hosts the Tony Awards. I was a huge fan of last year’s opening number (“What if Life Were More Like Theatre?”) and wondered how he would top it. Well top it, he did. The number relied less heavily on witty setups and overall concept than last year’s number, instead turning to massive dance numbers, sets, and stunts to open the show. The number worked well due its balance of over-the-top spectacle and subtly humorous lyrics. The number also featured an emotional climax when Neil stood alone on stage singing about the kids at home being inspired by the Tonys:

“There’s a kid in the middle of nowhere who’s sitting there living for Tony performances, singing and flipping along with the Pippins and Wickeds and Kinkys Matildas and Mormons’s, so it might reassure that kid, and do something to spur that…

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2 comments on “The 2013 Tony Awards: Spectacle with Heart

  1. I like your blog very much. I love seeing shows. If you’re a Cinderella fan, there are cast photos with that new guy John Contratti. I remember you posted a picture of him and Bernadette Peters. He seems to be popular with the Broadway community.

    I’m always checking to see if you have new posts.

    • I know I’m replying back to you a month later [sorry I have been SO busy] but thank you so much! Just the fact that you keep up with my blog is amazing and means so much to me! And yes, I’m a Cinderella fan and I will for sure post more of John! Thank you again so much!

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