Broadway Review: ‘No Man’s Land/Waiting for Godot’

my friend saw this who is always VERY critical about Broadway shows- usually in a negative way. And she said Godot was absolutely genius…therefore I recommend it.


Trying to figure out a Pinter play is like pounding nails in your skull.  Trying to figure out a Beckett play is like using a drill.  But holding forth in a death-defying repertory bill of Harold Pinter’s “No Man’s Land” and Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot,” master thespians Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart make it all seem crystal-clear under the incisive direction of Sean Mathias. Auds are free to make what they will of the mysterious characters who figure in these two ambiguous masterpieces of existential angst, but these actors know exactly who these men are — old friends. 

The title alone of “No Man’s Land” is enough to give you chills, referring as it does to some sepulchral place or state of existence “which never moves, which never changes, which never grows older, but which remains forever icy and silent.” The hint of that blasted heath in “Waiting for Godot” is uncanny…

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