Tom Daley’s Moving Video (Its time for change!)

I saw this only a few hours ago an was very moved. I know this isn’t theatre related but Bravo for Tom Daley!

here we are going

I smiled a great deal this weekend what with Maria Bello’s New York Times essay about relationships (click here) and Tom Daley’s YouTube release about his male lover (click here) and the ways in which the increase of such open, honest approaches to life and questions as to why we are even discussing such things – meaning we soon won’t be – have just validated a world view of which I have dreamed and long predicted would ULTIMATELY be the case.

Although it’s happening much faster than I had dared hope.

I am right so often it is – frankly – terrifying.

As a child I had this recurring dream in which the world was gender-free. I don’t know precisely how this world-view planted itself in my brain, but I am grateful for whatever happy concatenation of occurrences was responsible for the result. Although I was not always so.


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