I love a good Freak Show

I have heard lots of good things from Side Show! Definetly going to check it out soon!

where my feet are

Last Saturday morning I woke up in NYC with Joanne and Jana, ready for a day of food and Broadway. After lounging all morning with our cups of tea and coffee, talking about sleeping on the floor, snoring, Taylor Swift and a number of other random topics that popped into our heads we hustled to get ready and out of the apartment in time to meet Colin at Joe Allen’s.

IMG_4051 (2)We’ve been there before, it’s convenient to Broadway and serves up good food. I had curried tofu vegetable stew but will be going back for an order of french bread stuffed with mascarpone, candied walnuts and cinnamon; Colin was nice enough to let the three of us eat some of his off his plate.

After lunch, Colin went off to meet his friends and we walked over to the St. James Theater on 44th to see the musical Side Show

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