Irving Berlin’s White Christmas The Musical: An Official A&M Review

One of my favorite shows I was ever in was this one! It seems cliche, but the story line is just so appealing and really puts you in the Christmas Spirit!


It’s snowing (again) in Minneapolis, but today I don’t actually mind. It may be because tomorrow is Thanksgiving and today’s dusting heightens the festivity that’s already buzzing throughout the city; it could also be a lingering glow from last night’s opening of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas The Musical at the Orpheum Theatre.

Somehow I made it to adulthood without ever watching the classic movie, so I went in without preconceived notions of what I was in for. Strangely, I thought perhaps the storyline was based in the depression-era and was a little sad but with a happy ending. I’ve since been informed I was thinking of The Miracle on 34th St. I guess I really need to brush up on my classic Christmas movies.

It was then to my surprise and delight that I found out the show was in fact about a couple of ex-military turned showbiz performers…

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