‘Rocky: The Musical’ Everything that’s right, or everything that’s wrong with Broadway?

Either way I’m very excited!


Fran Drescher heading to Broadway’s ‘Cinderella’

…not really sure how to feel about this

Review: Twelfth Night

I’m seeing this show next weekend! Couldn’t be more excited! Who has seen it already?

Drama Queen

Twelfth Night Belasco Theatre

Two performances – Samuel Barnett as shipwrecked gentlewoman Viola and Mark Rylance as Lady Olivia – make this Twelfth Night essential viewing. Even people who aren’t particularly into Shakespeare are likely to enjoy Rylance’s multicolored and often hilarious portrayal (although most of his best stuff comes after the intermission, trust me). This Twelfth Night may not be as definitive as the Richard III it alternates with; the fact that it is the more enjoyable evening overall is a measure of how great the play itself is.

Twelfth Night has long been my favorite of Shakespeare’s romantic comedies. In it, Shakespeare takes love between people of the same sex very seriously — all you have to do is look at the character names. The play follows the romantic adventures of Viola and her identical twin Sebastian, both shipwrecked in the enchanted dukedom of Illyria.

Viola is a poetic name for the…

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See It More Than Once- Once Musical Review


Today I ventured back into the world of musical theater to see Once, The Musical.

It is based on the 2006 movie of the same name.

In one eventful week, a musician who believes that his dream is dead meets a woman who by the end of the week, sees the beauty and the potential of his music. Their love is mutual, but life may tear them apart.

I did not have the opportunity to see the original cast, but the more recent cast with Arthur Darvill and Joanna Christie.

It’s not the typical musical, which makes it stand out among the cornicopia of musicals currently on Broadway. It is also un-typical is the audience is allowed to walk up to the stage and order from the bar. Most shows have a fourth wall, which is only broken after the show. Before the show starts, while the actors are…

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Kinky Boots review

Simon Parris: Man in Chair

There is nothing like seeing a brand new musical you know nothing about. And nothing like seeing a hit, freshly-opened Broadway show in a full house on a Saturday night. Unique subject matter, terrific music by the legendary Cyndi Lauper and an incredible breakout performance by the leading man all contribute to a fun, lively night at the theatre.


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For sunlight is like gold…Once review

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As the spring semester took off I found it hard to take time to blog. Even though I haven’t been blogging frequently I have been writing weekly for my school newspaper, often about theatre. I will post my theatre related articles on my blog for those who do not have access to The Leader. But first is a review of Broadway’s Once.

I have been dying to see the Broadway production of Once ever since I first heard about its opening on Broadway. This only increased when I saw their show-stopping Tony Award performance and Steve Kazee’s heartfelt acceptance speech. Kazee’s speech has stuck with me and made me want to see his performance so naturally I was disappointed when I read that he, along with Cristin Milioti and a portion of the ensemble, was leaving the show. Needless to say, I couldn’t be more excited when my mom…

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