Fran Drescher heading to Broadway’s ‘Cinderella’

…not really sure how to feel about this



Collage on my theatre Instagram @gobroadway of my favorite moments of the tony awards- all the performances, JANE LYNCH, the mic drop, insane opening number, Billy Porters hilarious speech and oh gosh everything but most important NPH FRENCH KISSING A DOG 😂


#89 Stepsister’s Lament


Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella is back on Broadway!  I got the email months ago that previews were starting in January and it would officially open in March.  I seriously thought about going to New York for a weekend to see the show, but obviously I had more on my mind than frivolous travel.  I haven’t been in Chicago long enough to be longing to leave it yet.  In all actuality, I’m sort of getting restless to move into my own apartment…still.  The current tenant is sure taking his sweet time getting out of there…but I suppose his lease is up on March 31…so really, I can’t be all too mad that he’s not out yet.

I first saw Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella when I was a kid.  I’m not sure why it was playing 20+ years after it was made on cable – but it was, and it went down…

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“Cinderella” is Record-Breaking!

CINDERELLA IS A HIT • in just a month, the new musical take on Rodgers and Hammerstien’s Cinderella (showed at the Broadway Theatre in nyc) has had raving, record-breaking success! The show raised the most money in previews of Broadway history! I know this from my own experience when I went to the first preview and couldn’t even get a seat next to the people I came with! It was packed! Next record-breaking event was the cast album (which I absolutely LOVE) has sold more copies then any Original Broadway cast recording ever! Congrats Cinderella! Wish them so much more successbr />



Cinderella On Broadway Review

I saw “Cinderella ” on Broadway it’s very first official preview night and here is my view…Laura Osnes is perfect and flawless, her voice is AMAZING. I loved how they did all the music in this show BUT there were things I did not like such as the random revolution? Made no sense and was meant to make the plot better but it made it worse! And the prime minister thing? Unnecessary. Rodgers and Hammerstein plot was totally usable. Also I LOVED the costume changes very Magical 🙂 also the fact that when Cinderella first left the ball she TOOK the slipper with her which I thought had some significance but it didn’t really…but I really loved the music and dancing again Laura Osnes is perfect and can’t help how her show is written- support her and come see it! 🙂 maybe they’ll fix the bugs and such by the time of its official run!

it’s possible!