Disney’s Frozen Going To Broadway!

couldn’t be more thrilled! i REALLY REALLY REALLY hope they keep the original movie cast!
No one else could compare!



After winning a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature film, Disney’s hit movie Frozen is going to Broadway. The news comes straight from the mouth of Disney CEO and Chairman Bob Iger, who said in an interview with Fortune that he has plans to turn the franchise into a musical.

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Elsa and Elphaba – similaries and differences

Idina Menzel owned both of these roles!

Rantings from inside my head

For the past four months I’ve been getting more and more into the joys of Broadway music. Well, reintroducing myself to the genre. And of course, this with my interest in the true stories of the antagonist of classic stories, I’d have to cross Elphaba’s path at least once. And I have.

It’s only been fed by the fact that I’ve gotten the third book in Maguire’s Wicked Years series, and getting a closer look into the “Witch”‘s true story.

And then there was Frozen.

By this time I’d fallen in love with Idina’s voice. I mean who hasn’t? For that matter, who can’t? She puts so much emotion and personality into her character that you can’t help but focus on her. Though which her – the character or the actress?

While I was watching Frozen there were so many references to Elphaba that I saw around Elsa…

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Disney’s The Jungle Book to be adapted for the stage

Before the Curtain.

On June 21, The Jungle Book will become the newest musical adaption from the Disney collection. This swinging story is set to premiere on June 21 at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago. After a five week engagement in the windy city, the live-action musical will transfer to Boston’s Huntington Theatre from September 7 through October 6. Currently, the show does not plan to make an appearance in New York.

Tony-winning director Mary Zimmerman leads the creative team for this all-new adaption. Zimmerman directed the 2002 Broadway production of Metamorphoses and has reunited the entire creative team from that production to work on The Jungle Book. The team includes Tony-nominated set designer Daniel Ostling, lighting designer T.J. Gerckens, costume designer Mara Blumenfeld and sound designer Andre Pluess. Tony-winning choreographer Christopher Gattelli confirmed his involvement in the production on March 28. The musical direction and arrangements of

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Shrek the Musical

Lit and Scribbles with Jae

shrek musicalThis week Shrek the Musical graced the Salt Lake Valley and of course I had to attend. Hopefully this can semi-count as a Friday Flix for you. Granted, I knew this wouldn’t be as epic as Wicked (it’s come here twice and I went both times), but having seen some YouTube promos, it looked to be a good time.


The costumes were fantastic. Pinocchio looked like a wooden boy and whenever he told a lie his nose did actually grow! The gingerbread man worked out fairly well. Even Dragon got in there via large scale puppet action. The movie is still better than the musical, but I look at the musical as its own unique rendition of the story (which it is) and it’s an experience I recommend.

Lord Farquaad. He’s supposed to be the villain, but honestly he steals the show. The actor, Christian Marinner, usually 6…

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