Live from Lincoln Center — Kristin Chenoweth

The other day I was studying with a group of friends… you know, “studying” and we were talking about various stars and films. Somehow, Kristin Chenoweth become a hot button issue.

“I… don’t… like her,” one of my friends growled.

I felt a sadness wash over my body, “B-b-but, why?”

“She annoyed me so much at the Oscars. I cannot stand her.”

Now, as we all know, every person has their downfalls. Kristin Chenoweth may have been a tinge over-the-top and exuberant on the Red Carpet. At least she didn’t shave her head! Or jump on a couch! Or throw a phone at hotel employees! Or hang a baby over the side of a balcony! She was just excited.

“No, no. You need to watch Pushing Daisies or listen to the Wicked soundtrack. She’s outstanding and talented.”

“I’ve never seen anything she’s in,” said the Cheno-hater.

My other friend jumped…

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