Into the Woods- Movie Script Released!

As any theatre kid would, I have been looking at any and any new information of the highly anticipated “INTO THE WOODS” film! Recently, Disney realesed a teaser screenplay for INTO THE WOODS. I’ll try not to give too much away but there are a few noticible, yet understandable differences. I’ll do my best and give away just one spoiler that the Narrater is not a character in this movie, but it is the Baker doing the narration, which I found to be an interesting choice. It makes sense with at the Finale, we all know the Baker retells his story to his son with a heart breaking moment. “Sometime’s people leave you halfway through the wood. Do not let it greif you, No one leaves for good. You are not alone. No one is alone. Hold him to the light no. Let him see the glow. Things will be alright now. Tell him what you know..” I’m so excited for this movie! Are you?





Will “Cats” be the next big musical on the big screen?

As many of us theatre kids know- Cats is already a very popular musical, and even people who don’t know the musical can easily belt “Memory” off the top of their heads. When I saw this post on I knew I HAD to comment on it. This is very intresting to me because I’m currently in a production of Cats. But I just don’t know if the average audience member would appreciate Cats as much as the next theatre kid would. If you are familiar with Cats– you know that its is very different from anything you’ve ever seen because there is no plot at all- just random stories about random cats…do you think audiences are ready for that on the big screen? On the other hand- the most recent movie- musical phenomenon was Les Miserables which was very popular with theatre kids- and non theatre kids as well- and maybe that’s just because Les Mis is flawless and Aaron Teviet and Eddie Redmayne are just adorable…


Well, what do you think? Will Cats sell in movie theatres”? Are you excited for it?


SIDE NOTE: The next movie musical is Into the Woods which Disney is producing and I’m absolutely so excited…I think theatres making a popular comeback tbh and I couldn’t be happier (“simply couldn’t be happier….”) haha!



If you’ve never heard of “A Very Potter Musical” or AVPM on YouTube- you’re def missing out. Even if you don’t like Harry Potter- YOU’LL love it. This is created by Darren Criss (currently Blaine Anderson in Glee) who also plays Harry Potter! This is how he got famous too 🙂 WATCH IT.

Jekyll and Hyde the Musical review

Simon Parris: Man in Chair

Loud, dark, intense, and did I mention loud? The bus-and-truck tour of Jekyll and Hyde brings the Frank Wildhorn musical back to Broadway, whether Broadway wants it or not. Constantine Maroulis and Deborah Cox are talented, charismatic leads, but their combined efforts cannot lift this soggy affair from the quagmire of mediocrity into which it quickly sinks.


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School of Rock is Headed to Broadway, Thanks to Andrew Lloyd Webber

this is really exciting—–I’m dying.


Dewey Finn – rock singer, guitarist and occasional substitute teacher –may soon have a stage to rock out on: School of Rock is heading for Broadway.

(MAGAZINE: The Secret Plan of Jack Black)

Musical theater composer and impresario Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, who wrote the music for such hits as Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats and Phantom of the Opera, is planning to adapt the 2003 comedy film, starring Jack Black as Finn, for the theater, the Guardianreported.

In an interview with CBC Radio, Lloyd Webber let slip that he was “very excited” about acquiring the rights to “that movie School of Rock.”  The British composer explained that he might expand on the music portion of the film when he brings it to the stage: “There may be songs for me in it, but its obviously got songs in it as it stands.”

(MAGAZINE: Andrew Lloyd Webber, the…

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Disney’s The Jungle Book to be adapted for the stage

Before the Curtain.

On June 21, The Jungle Book will become the newest musical adaption from the Disney collection. This swinging story is set to premiere on June 21 at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago. After a five week engagement in the windy city, the live-action musical will transfer to Boston’s Huntington Theatre from September 7 through October 6. Currently, the show does not plan to make an appearance in New York.

Tony-winning director Mary Zimmerman leads the creative team for this all-new adaption. Zimmerman directed the 2002 Broadway production of Metamorphoses and has reunited the entire creative team from that production to work on The Jungle Book. The team includes Tony-nominated set designer Daniel Ostling, lighting designer T.J. Gerckens, costume designer Mara Blumenfeld and sound designer Andre Pluess. Tony-winning choreographer Christopher Gattelli confirmed his involvement in the production on March 28. The musical direction and arrangements of

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I wanna Rock!

Eat. Read. Blog

Rock of AgesRock of Ages was one part unpredictable and all parts spectacular. You don’t have to be a fan of the eighties to love it, but it wouldn’t hurt.

The story follows two young, fame-seeking kids trying to live out their dream on the strip. Drew the singer and Sherrie the actress meet at The Bourbon Room, a place where they both work while trying to realize their dream. There is the usual falling in love and miscommunication that leads to the ultimate breaking apart, followed closely by the realization that they were both wrong. However, the way Rock of Ages presented it is so fresh and fun that it’s easy to overlook this formulaic love story and enjoy the show.

Lonny – the narrator and part owner of The Bourbon Room – is quite hilarious. Regina, a protestor who is trying to save the strip from being torn down by a pair of German…

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