I am so grateful for the success of my blogging so far- it’s been a great year! I hope I can always improve my blogging skills and remain a part of the Broadway community in some way! My dream, like many a theatre kid, is to be on Broadway myself one day (but, until that happens) I can keep myself and everyone updated on everything theatre! Thank you all for supporting my dreams!


A tale told by an idiot – Alan Cumming on Broadway


Tonight, I went to see acclaimed Scottish actor Alan Cumming in the one-man show version of Macbeth currently at the Barrymore theatre on Broadway. The play itself premiered in 1985 in Glasgow, and was a smashing success at the Lincoln Center in New York last year. I had high expectations, to say the least.

I knew this would be an evening to remember from the moment I set foot in the (classical-looking) theatre. I was passed on from usher to usher like an unwanted old relative – and what was even more extraordinary was that said ushers were dispersed at 5-meter intervals from each other. Now, you’d think I would be passed along linearly – as in “yes miss, please proceed to my colleague.” While this phrase was indeed heard by me – and often – I was passed like a ping-pong ball along a string of four people, back and…

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