Lea Michele plans Broadway Return in ‘Funny Girl’

I’ve heard a lot about this an if it does happen NO DOUBT I would be psyched out of my mind! I love love LOVE Lea and Funny Girl. She’s just the greatest star…and well everyone knows it! Very intrested to see what might happen!


Fran Drescher heading to Broadway’s ‘Cinderella’

…not really sure how to feel about this



Will “Cats” be the next big musical on the big screen?

As many of us theatre kids know- Cats is already a very popular musical, and even people who don’t know the musical can easily belt “Memory” off the top of their heads. When I saw this post on Broadway.com I knew I HAD to comment on it. This is very intresting to me because I’m currently in a production of Cats. But I just don’t know if the average audience member would appreciate Cats as much as the next theatre kid would. If you are familiar with Cats– you know that its is very different from anything you’ve ever seen because there is no plot at all- just random stories about random cats…do you think audiences are ready for that on the big screen? On the other hand- the most recent movie- musical phenomenon was Les Miserables which was very popular with theatre kids- and non theatre kids as well- and maybe that’s just because Les Mis is flawless and Aaron Teviet and Eddie Redmayne are just adorable…


Well, what do you think? Will Cats sell in movie theatres”? Are you excited for it?


SIDE NOTE: The next movie musical is Into the Woods which Disney is producing and I’m absolutely so excited…I think theatres making a popular comeback tbh and I couldn’t be happier (“simply couldn’t be happier….”) haha!




I’m so extremely “excited and scared” to audition for the role of Cosette in Les Miserables this weekend! I will be singing “A Change in Me” from Beauty in The Beast, because it shows that same beautiful bubbly sense of growing up that both the characters Cosette and Belle have! Also, this song shows off my soprano range that Cosette’s music requires! Do YOU have any huge auditions coming up?

Kinky Boots review

Simon Parris: Man in Chair

There is nothing like seeing a brand new musical you know nothing about. And nothing like seeing a hit, freshly-opened Broadway show in a full house on a Saturday night. Unique subject matter, terrific music by the legendary Cyndi Lauper and an incredible breakout performance by the leading man all contribute to a fun, lively night at the theatre.


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Broadway’s Kinkiest New Musical

Szcz The Day

Previews of Broadway’s kinkiest, new musical Kinky Boots began March 3, 2013. Kinky Boots has music and lyrics by Cyndi Lauper and a story line adapted from the book by Harvey Fierstein.

It’s based on the true story behind the 2005 film, telling the story of a struggling shoemaker and his drag queen business partner, who come together to save the business by inventing a rather unusual design of footwear.

But boots aside, the musical is really about two young men coming from opposite worlds and figuring out they actually have a lot in common.

And it’s this message that touches audience members the most.

Kinky Boots is expected to make its official Broadway debut on April 4, 2013 at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre.

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Jekyll and Hyde the Musical review

Simon Parris: Man in Chair

Loud, dark, intense, and did I mention loud? The bus-and-truck tour of Jekyll and Hyde brings the Frank Wildhorn musical back to Broadway, whether Broadway wants it or not. Constantine Maroulis and Deborah Cox are talented, charismatic leads, but their combined efforts cannot lift this soggy affair from the quagmire of mediocrity into which it quickly sinks.


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The Greatest Musicals

Hakol Sheli

On Saturday, the Times published in its Magazine section a listing of the 30 best ever musicals. It also published a leading article on the subject. My first thought on reading the articles was that it is a good thing indeed that this often neglected art form is treated seriously by a quality newspaper. I know people who proudly boast that they have never seen a musical in their life believing them to be unworthy of their intellectual attention. They fail to realise of course, that anyone of true intellect would try something at least once before rushing to judgement.

The list in the Times was compiled by a panel of its arts critics and of course was bound to be highly subjective. The result was also going to depend on how wide the parameters were set. The Times included film musicals, something I would not do. Nor would I…

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For sunlight is like gold…Once review

[title of blog]

As the spring semester took off I found it hard to take time to blog. Even though I haven’t been blogging frequently I have been writing weekly for my school newspaper, often about theatre. I will post my theatre related articles on my blog for those who do not have access to The Leader. But first is a review of Broadway’s Once.

I have been dying to see the Broadway production of Once ever since I first heard about its opening on Broadway. This only increased when I saw their show-stopping Tony Award performance and Steve Kazee’s heartfelt acceptance speech. Kazee’s speech has stuck with me and made me want to see his performance so naturally I was disappointed when I read that he, along with Cristin Milioti and a portion of the ensemble, was leaving the show. Needless to say, I couldn’t be more excited when my mom…

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I wanna Rock!

Eat. Read. Blog

Rock of AgesRock of Ages was one part unpredictable and all parts spectacular. You don’t have to be a fan of the eighties to love it, but it wouldn’t hurt.

The story follows two young, fame-seeking kids trying to live out their dream on the strip. Drew the singer and Sherrie the actress meet at The Bourbon Room, a place where they both work while trying to realize their dream. There is the usual falling in love and miscommunication that leads to the ultimate breaking apart, followed closely by the realization that they were both wrong. However, the way Rock of Ages presented it is so fresh and fun that it’s easy to overlook this formulaic love story and enjoy the show.

Lonny – the narrator and part owner of The Bourbon Room – is quite hilarious. Regina, a protestor who is trying to save the strip from being torn down by a pair of German…

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