The Oscars have always had a soft spot for Broadway and their stars because of how Broadway has shaped the movie industry and acting as an art form. As many of you know, the legendary Babra Striesshand performed last year and I couldn’t be happier (simply couldn’t be happier…) that today it was announced that Idina Menzel will perform, representing the nominated animated film we all have probably seen atleast once in theatres, FROZEN! Which means an expected breath taking performance of “Let it Go”! I couldn’t be happier for Idina Menzel, who has worked all her life to recieve the success she has today! I cannot wait!

Mark your calenders for March 2nd!



Disney’s Frozen Going To Broadway!

couldn’t be more thrilled! i REALLY REALLY REALLY hope they keep the original movie cast!
No one else could compare!



After winning a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature film, Disney’s hit movie Frozen is going to Broadway. The news comes straight from the mouth of Disney CEO and Chairman Bob Iger, who said in an interview with Fortune that he has plans to turn the franchise into a musical.

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Idina Menzel 5.30.13 Thought of the Day

Indina’s birthday was yesterday 🙂


“I’ve been singing since I was born. It’s something I do everywhere I go. In the shower, walking down the street. I don’t need any impetus to do it. I just sing” — Idina Menzel

English: Singer/actress Idina Menzel outside t...
English: Singer/actress Idina Menzel outside the Today Show studios following an appearance and performance promoting the release of her debut Warner Bros album “I Stand.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Idina Kim Menzel  was born in Queens, New York City, New York, in  1971. She is 42 years old.

She is one of two girls born to Helene and Stuart Mentzel. She grew up in New Jersey and Syosset, New York. She attended the Tisch School of the Arts and earned her Bachelors of fine Arts from New York University.  A singer since childhood Menzel began to perform professionally at weddings and bar mitzvahs as a teenager.

She had her first Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes of…

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Live from Lincoln Center — Kristin Chenoweth

The other day I was studying with a group of friends… you know, “studying” and we were talking about various stars and films. Somehow, Kristin Chenoweth become a hot button issue.

“I… don’t… like her,” one of my friends growled.

I felt a sadness wash over my body, “B-b-but, why?”

“She annoyed me so much at the Oscars. I cannot stand her.”

Now, as we all know, every person has their downfalls. Kristin Chenoweth may have been a tinge over-the-top and exuberant on the Red Carpet. At least she didn’t shave her head! Or jump on a couch! Or throw a phone at hotel employees! Or hang a baby over the side of a balcony! She was just excited.

“No, no. You need to watch Pushing Daisies or listen to the Wicked soundtrack. She’s outstanding and talented.”

“I’ve never seen anything she’s in,” said the Cheno-hater.

My other friend jumped…

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Kristin Chenoweth – Live from Lincoln Center


Just Something Creative

Attention Blogland:  I am a huge musical theatre nerd.  If you are too then you must watch my favorite KChen in this pbs special.  (The entire show is online!)  Here is a brief clip of the awesomeness.

Watch Kristin Chenoweth performs “Edelweiss.” on PBS. See more from pbs.

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